Tiffany Dawn Photos

Life, Love, and the Pursuit of capturing it ALL on Camera!

Photography has been a passion of Tiffany's ever since toting around her hot pink Concord 110 camera as an elementary school student. An avid traveler and lover of people, cultures and places, Tiffany has always done whatever possible to explore the world around her.

Tiffany is one who delights in life. Whether it is sitting around the fireside enjoying depth of conversation and relationship with friends or using her musical talents through singing, guitar or piano, or spending time with her first-grader, Nathan. Tiffany pursues each opportunity to make the most of everyday. This passion for life contributes to her passion for her work and the ways she helps capture those special moments for her clients.

Tiffany is based out of Dallas, Texas, and is available for portraits, weddings and events.

Phone: 214-207-2562